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by Provision

Another Wednesday comes around, the feeling of night time calling.
The 7th night of August. On which your fate's unfolding.
Now you're shadowed with eyes. You made the first move.
Is this love in disguise? It's myself I have to prove.

You're falling hard. (Hard) We just might take this too far. (Far)
I want to take you over. It's me you want to discover. (Discover her)
Descending into reality. (Heart)
I can't explain this exposure. So come a little closer. (Closer)
We can't ignore the Chemistry.

We parted ways alone that night. Fueled by a cellular exchange.
We shared a look between us. Emotions that couldn't be explained.
I approached your store that day. Adrenaline running through my
veins. With 2 red roses in my hand. Willing to give my heart away.

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