Always Is Always
Psychic TV Lyrics

Always is always forever
As long as one is one
Inside yourself for your father
All is none all is none all is one

It's time we put our love behind you
The illusion has just been a dream
The valley of death and I'll find you
Now is when on a sunshine beam
So bring all the young perfection
For there us shall surely be
No clothing, tears, or hunger
You can see you can see you can be

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Comments from YouTube:

Ludwig Schilling

The stereo sound of this track gives me the creeps


great soundstage test!

Michael Rafferty

This song is by Charles Manson


Michael Rafferty and the cookie goes to the guy that stated the obvious!


@Gerard Godin Even so, people could argue it being an "okay" song but certainly nothing really anything different than most of the music during that decade.

Gerard Godin

OOhhhh.... <gulp>


+Gerard Godin No, as in the murderer, Charles Manson... He killed w/ one of his motives being denied music contract from the one of the victims.

Gerard Godin

+Michael Rafferty I don't think that Marilyn Manson was born when this song was out..


I take it that this Version is sung By a person who normally doesn't   sing that High. As it doesnt sound  as it should if a  Professional choral singer sung it
Nice Try But i think i prefer the manson Girls version


You wrong doe.

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