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Uh Huh
by Psycho Drama

NewSense, shit I wear a towel coat
Ain't no need to sport the fancy shit
Cuz I gotta keep it on the downlow
I'm watchin this nigga, and I know he watchin me
But he don't know that I'm watchin back
And I'm strapped
And my nigga YungBuk got my back
So pray his motherfuckin soul to keep
I'm a watch these skeezers as they skeeze
And these homies as they beepers beep
Damn, oh fuck, hell, shit my boys dead
What caused the blood shed
Two to the forehead

Comin from this young motherfucka died from this infrared
Of a nine 380
Or did I use the pump instead
I really don't remember
Because I'm hooked on aeronautics
And I'm so good, nobody else heard
Nobody else saw it
It really don't matter
I'll kill a motherfucka in broad daylight
Put his head on a platter
Cuz killin motherfuckas make my day right
But enough on this real shit, ill shit
Bound to catch a bad one
You know what nigga
I'm tired of talkin to your ass

On the low pro
Slangin trade it
Check up on my gun and pass
Eight left in my clip
Not enough in a drive by
Make them hollow point tips last
Say why I'm strugglin like this old young couple
Slow down young lad
Put a pause on my pimp on
Its time to break bread of a nigga
Had to get what I never had
My tip now hot as dip dip
Burn up
I caught him ready in the ride
Get out talk crazy
380, get a sneak peek of my shady side
Side ride the Best West
Indo smoke going all in my chest punk
That's how punks rolled in a plastic bed

Uh Huh
I pop a Hoester
Cuz you gone show blood (You right)
I pop a Hoester
Cuz you gon show blood (You right)
I pop a Hoester
Cuz you gon show blood (You right)

Uh Huh you right
Chi Town motherfuckas is too tight
I pop a Hoester
Cuz you gon show blood (You right)
Uh Huh you right
Chi Town motherfuckas is too tight

Now I'm on this rap cuz I have to be
I ain't no motherfuckin actor G
But a nigga who will pack a 380
And make you motherfuckas look crazy
And if you a man put up them Dukes like Daisy
Know plenty niggas think that they can fuck wit this shit
Actin hard around they homies
But alone they get them shit split (Why?)
Because they don't understand
If you a bitch, don't be no hoe
If you a boy , strive to be a man
Cuz motherfuckas wanna see where yo nuts at
Motherfuckas bust at me
You better believe I'm bustin back
Cuz I ain't no motherfuckin hoe
Niggas talk hard
It 's just the perfect size to get traced on the fuckin flo
So simple as you say it nigga, do the shit
Cuz niggas wit wounds to this day shoulda knew shit
You can walk wit the bullshit hoe
I'm a let you open the doe
It's goin down bitch
Slugs from the front row

Let me get this beef up off my chest
That's weighin my down
Round for round
Pound for pound
Finna grab this tech and clown
These motherfuckas look for war four hours on the front line
Slugs flyin, blood shed
Niggaro's dyin, families cryin
All because this hoe fucked wit my family
I don't play that shit
So rise up the population a bit
One less, two less, three less bit-ches
As I gave this trigger quick finger fuckin
Cuz you shit outta luck
If you in range
While I be disenbuckin
I kill a bystander
Just for standin by that nigga
Who fuck wit Psycho Drama
And made himself a target for this trigger
Guess I was blinded by the fact
That this bitch had enough nerve to grab a strap
And pop a SideKik back
But he missed
And I'm pissed
What he do that shit for
Now he on his back
And all the witnesses around the scene of the crime
Them niggaros too got capped man
My motto be
Why go
If you ain't gon go for broke
Them niggas best believe that Psycho Dramas all I stand foe

[Chorus x2]

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