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Into the Night
by Qkumba Zoo

Into the night

Into the night I fly with you

Into the night I will fly



This is just a simple song

It's really quite personal

But I pour it in anyway

Into the night

Into the night I fly with you

Into the night I will fly

Out from the light

In shadows, I will follow you

Into the night I will fly

I want you in my tears

Ocean full

Hollow, hollow like this room

Filled with strange faces

I want you and all the while

I know you are free, free

To go alone

Contributed by Callie W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I remember when they first came out and I found the cd by listening to the sample music they had at Walmart (in an arcade looking machine!). That was a long time ago, but this music never gets old. One of my favorite cds :)

Jon Kerr

I've had this CD for several years now. Only thought to look up videos lately. I always feel happy listening to their music.


post the "shine like the sun" song. i think its called 'big". the only version I've seen is low quality.

Jimmy F

crap man i was just about to post this! lol

Botha Enslin

love this 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hella Ros-Kitty

Bliksem! u R awesome - ur smallest Fan*


Looks like a bunch of escapees from a home for leftover punk rock wannabes, but they sing and play real good. ;)