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The Child
by Qkumba Zoo

Who's that calling?
Who's that who can show the way (inside)
The child inside the child inside
Who's that calling?
Ne ho ye yehe hiyo
Ne ho yehe yehe ha
Ne ho ye yehe hiyo
Ne ho ne ho neheya heyeh
Who's that dyiing, tring for a space
In the cage you call your life
Who's that crying crying out
Just what it is you've thrown away
The child inside
It's the child who lives still in your eyes
Who's that dancing
Laughing, crying living every day by day
The child inside
It's the child who lives still in your eyes
The secret of the sun
Is in your eyes
Take the power
From your dreams and fly
Children know its magic
That makes the world go round!

Contributed by Benjamin I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Hermane Duarte

South African band from the 90's, song got to number 1 in the US dance charts!

Vernon meadows

The remixes of this great song are the bomb.

Yumi Mau

You this a white group from SA.But who cares its the love of music and dance, this hate is really becoming an epidemic. I wish I back in my days , it was all about the music, dancing and meeting people from all over. The Best.

Vigo 894

Fuck you and fuck Phillip.


Taken from who? Hmm


@phillip shawn makofane Then we start fires for what that's how WW1 started history will repeat and still we will never learn, it's a vicious cycle.

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Hellmark Channel

A great example of the 90s. The last great decade.

Mou Jalout

Correct 100%.

The Jimmy

Very accurately stated, Abby. While I loved the 80s, if I could go back and enjoy my experiences in the 90s I would in a heartbeat!

Aron Oliva

This song got seaworld

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