Quasi Lyrics

Molecules dissipate,
Disperse & recoagulate.
Breathing in & out,
There is nothing more.
I am mist, you are steam
We are clouds.
We are drifting away.
In one of many heavens
Blue light prevails
We dream perfect music,
We hang from our tails.
In one of many hells
We sharpen up our horns
Plotting our revenge while
Waiting to be born.
Particles of light & particles of matter
Come together for an instant, then scatter

Contributed by Camilla W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Jekyl Whispy

my intro to this song was Elliott Smith's cover, which, even in hindsight, I think is excellent. but this song is just beautifu & succinct. i think it may be one of my favorites. i dont think i can describe how it makes me feel. its got that psychedelic kinda intensity of language that could almost seem like terror if it weren't just a tremendous lidless eyeful of being alive. or w/e. beautiful. thanks

EpicShibe XD


EpicShibe XD

Sleep is when we blink.


wow, sam coomes ruuuuuuuules

mah boh

@benfq1 I prefer Quasi's too.


I love Elliott Smith and Quasi, and i don't think one is better then the other, but rather that there both perfectly detached from each other while remaining eerily close

Jekyl Whispy

Tûññêlrãt Idk Quasi much beyond this song yet, but both of their versions are just lovely. it is a wonderful song & they both show it respect for that.


I wonder what it'd sound like if ES made a electric version instead

Paddy Theosophist

@xXpitselehXx by my calculations, there should be another two 0's. ;-)

ernestfag hemingwayfag

this is beautiful (':

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