A Dozen Red Roses for My Darling
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Marc Lawler

Great instrumental - better this way than with lyrics - Don't Lose Your Head - on the album.

Margaret Tyler

This is great. It sounds like it could have been the theme song from an 80's cop tv show!


Best Band Ever! <3 Queen


Pure 1986. This is not quite Queen, but the electronic music tools that they used to put across an idea. Listen to this track in Highlander especially Brian May's 15 second snippet from Daddy Help Me scene where the whole bass synth is replaced with his guitar riff.

Владимир Круглов

Who in their right mind would replace bass synth with geeetaaarrrr? Sacrilege!

Gray Wolf 1521

This is actually an instrumental version of "Don't Lose Your Head", featured as the B-side of "A Kind of Magic"


this would be great live before the show like they did with Machines (or back to humans) during the works tour

Who Me?

I always wanted to hear this song but I could never find it when I was 14. Finally thought of it again today 25 years later. Now I got to look up the other b-sides I could never track down.

Jan Banach

The same here. Neverending story.

Ferreira Designs

@Who Me? it's a shame that middle America didn't get the joke on I Want To Break Free in an era when the mainstream was going for MTV and looking all manly macho rrrrrock.

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