Body Language
Queen Lyrics

Give me, body, give me, body body
Give me your body

Don't talk
Baby don't talk
Body language
Give me your body
Just give me your body
Give me your body
Don't talk
Body language

You got red lips
Snakes in your eyes
Long legs, great thighs
You've got the cutest ass I've ever seen
Knock me down for a six anytime
Look at me, I got of case of body language

Body language, body language, yeah
Sexy body, sexy, sexy body
I want your body
Baby you're hot
Body language body language body language
Body language body language body language
Body language body language body language

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I stayed away from Queen for about 2-3 years once I started
doing stuff to audio. For one, I needed to learn a bit more.
And two, the production techniques of Mike Stone got me a bit
(Reinhold) Mack on the otherhand is a bit easier, but
encountering many issues with some of their albums, I just
backed off.

Now I feel a bit more confident about working on Queen. Not
saying I got them down. Just saying, certain tricks learned
over a 2-3 year time span makes tackling them less work.

Now, on a personal note, I have vivid memories of walking into
my hometown's arcade room and this song was playing. And
totally being embarrassed (I was 15) at Freddie Mercury's
blatant um ... yeah. Freddie was a naughty boy. I first heard
"Get Down Make Love" when I was 10 years old, its content
totally going over my head.

"You say you hungry. I give you meat."

My 10 year old mind said, "that makes sense. When I'm hungry, I
say I want McDonalds, then someone takes me there, and I get a
quarter pounder. I know what this guy's talking about."

Totally went over my head. Body Language did NOT. There was no
mistaking what Freddie Mercury was talking about, and I'm
pretty sure that when he says "great thighs", that slap sound
that comes in on our right pretty much says someone's thigh is
getting smacked. Hard. So walking into that arcade room with
this song blasting out over the speakers has stuck in my mind
for decades. How am I going to concentrate on Defender with
Freddie sounding like he's licking something???

I didn't dig HOT SPACE when it first came out. I liked some
things, mainly the Roger Taylor songs, as I'm an avowed Taylor
fan. But as I got older, HOT SPACE got better. It's been on my
turntable more times than JAZZ, and A KIND OF MAGIC.

Anyway, Queen may take awhile. There's certain issues with
sibilance on their LPs, but that's understandable with the
sheer amount of overdubs they did on those albums.

Mat. and Lav.


I'm a really fan of Queen, and I love their songs. Hot Space is a great album. I love this song because this make me go really crazy. It's very fun!

Golden Arrow

Radio pretends this one didn't exist

Al Laurens


Lucas e. da luz

jeffrey dahmer faforite song

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