Dragon Attack
Queen Lyrics

Ooh yeah, ha, yeah
Take me to the room where the red's all red
Take me out of my head,'s what I said
Yeah, ow
Hey, take me to the room where the green's all green
And from what I've seen it's hot, it's mean

Gonna use my stack
It's gotta be Mack
Gonna get me on the track
Got a dragon on my back

Take me to the room where the beat's all round
Gonna eat that sound yeah yeah yeah yeah
Take me to the room where the black's all white
And the white's all black, take me back to the shack shack

She don't take no prisoners
She gonna give me the business
Got a dragon on my back
Hey it's a dragon attack

Get down, I said so, wooh
Hey hey, alright, yeah, oh yeah eah eah eah

Low down, she don't take no prisoners
Go down, she gonna give me the business
No time, yeah chained to the rack
Show time, got a dragon on my back
Show down, go find another customer
Slow down, I gotta make my way
From me yeah oh
Oh wrong way yeah
Oh wrong way
Oh look out

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Written by: BRIAN MAY

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John Deacon never gets enough credit or recognition for what he does. That will always annoy me.

Heather Qualy

Roger is never in top 100 lists of drummers, which anger me to no end. Besides being one of VERY few drummers that is also a songwriter and singer, he was the first drummer who made me stand up and take notice with his unique drum sound. And aside from Ringo, the only rock drummer that I feel can play in almost any style (hard rock, prog rock, music hall, pop, marching band style drum rolls...). But again, never in anyone’s list of top drummers. 😕😡 Roger is known more for his looks and rock and roll personality, and that’s where he at least gets more mention than John. But, I think that was John’s choice. He preferred to stay out of the limelight.

Mike Dav

@Pauljackson1988 John Entwistle

Mike Dav

Bass is always ignored for the most part besides people like Flea, Gene Simmons etc. who are more theatrical than most.


@Daniel My all time favorite Rock N Roll bass player is Michael Anthony from Van Halen and that's only because of his backing vocals which were very critical to their sound. Cliff Burton also doesn't get enough credit. Metallica fanboys want Jason Newstead back but it was Cliff that was the most important component to that band's hardcore true heavy metal sound of their early years. Deacy also is very underappreciated for sure


Yeah if you say John deacon is a top 10 bassist all of a sudden you’re a queen fanboy and don’t know anything about music

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When I was 13 , I played this over and over again for weeks . My mother, that was not into this type of music at all ended up grooving and banging her head with me . Precious memory . Ooooooh , I love this band so very much . Brilliant band and musicians .

Hawaii Weddings Waikiki

Yes, yellowsugar, you CAN covert mom to what great music sounds like! LOL

Deklan Grant

Is nobody talking about the amazing transition to now I’m here? I think it was flawless

Keith Ratcliffe

They start with Now I’m Here but it’s cut out on this video clip.

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