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It's the sad eyed goodbye
Yesterday's moments I remember
It's the bleak street, week kneed partings I recall
It's the mistier mists the hazier days
The brighter sun and the easier lays
There's all the more reason for laughing and crying
When you're younger and life isn't to hard at all

It's the fantastic drowse
Of the afternoon Sundays
That bored you to rages of tears
The unending pleadings
To waste all your good times
In thoughts of your middle-aged years
It's the vertical hold all the things that you're told
For the everyday hero it all turns to zero
And there's all the more reason
For living or dying when you're young
And your troubles are all very small

Out here on the street we'd gather and meet
And scuff up the sidewalk
With endlessly restless feet
Half on the time we'd broaden our minds
More in the pool hall
Than we did in the school hall
With the down town chewing gum bums
Watching the night life the lights and the fun

Never wanted to be the boy next door
Always thought I'd be something more
But it ain't easy for a small town boy
It ain't easy at all
Thinkin' it right and doin' it wrong
It's easier from an arm chair
Waves of alternatives wash over my sleepiness
Have my eggs poached for breakfast I guess

I think I'll be Clint Eastwood
Jimi Hendrix he was good
Let's try William the Conqueror
Now who else do I like

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: ROGER TAYLOR

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Japji Kular

It doesn't matter if you spend your teenage years alone in your room, out with friends, dangerously affected by the boredom that comes with this age, or having the time of your life. Teenage years happen to everyone. The odd thing about them is that they feel all too real and yet so dull at the same time. You know, what's really awful is that they're romanticized so often that you can't help but believe they're going to be the time of your life. However, life never quite happens just the way you'd expect, and so in contrast, your own teenage experience can feel mundane. You're always trying to do better than you know you really can deep down, always thinking, "Yeah, this is great, but it could always be better." Nothing really feels quite right. You're so caught-up in the whirlwind of everyday life that you never really let yourself settle down. Yet, somehow, at the same time, everything's going all too slow for your liking.
It's a weird experience, it really is.
Those years are hugely fabricated of all those little details that just seem so huge to those sensitive, helpless minds.
It's definitely one hell of a ride.
But, before you know it, those years are over. You're an adult. Looking back, all you want is to go back to those so-called simpler times.
The thing is, though, life carries on. That's the way it goes. You can't do anything about it.
You're always just looking for the next best thing, the next step, never finally settling down with anything but denial, anything but the thought, "This can't really just be it. There's more, I know it."
Your teenage years are the epitome of this.
And those thoughts can sometimes never allow you to really think.
You’re going through the everyday notions of life without even meaning to, but you can’t help yourself. You’re in a weird kinda stupor - A drowse.
Here, you look at it through the perfectly imperfect, rusty lens of the most unlikely source - Roger Meddows Taylor. The rocker. You’d expect this kind of thing from Brian, maybe, or even John, but not the Tenement Funster.
It works, though. The teenage thing, for him. He talks about youth a lot in his songs, but none of them are quite as raw as this.

Eloy Espinosa

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000 000

Why are there 65 dislikes on one of the best songs written by the best drummer of the best band to ever grace the planet?

Only Queen, only Queen could have an excellent drummer with an amazing voice, a miraculous guitarist with a stunning voice, an incredible bass player who can sing well though he claims otherwise, and an extraordinary lead singer who had phenomenal piano skills.

Queen is the only band to have each of its members write hits, which is ehy each of them were individually inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Only Queen.

Queen is the best band. Change my mind.

You can't. ❤

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"Thinking it right, doing it wrong". story of my life.

Milati Jamiah

yeah same 😢

Lorenzo Chimisso


Doing all right

Gökçer'in Sesi

"Thinking it right but never can do it!" is mine

Maria Olivia

hahah same

Cat Collector

💓 oh yeah.

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One of Queen's most underrated songs. Roger nails it of course.

Mr. Fahrenheit



This is one of the best songs Roger has ever written. Also his voice here is just wow. I love this song, it’s criminally underrated

Maria Olivia

Mattias Meimre true

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