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Queen Lyrics

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He'll save with a mighty hand
Every man, every woman, every child
He's the mighty flash
No one but the pure in heart may find the golden grail
Oh oh, oh oh

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Written by: BRIAN MAY

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Lyrics and Transcript: (Note: The script has quotes to seperate it from the lyrics.)
(Flash) “Yeah!”

He’s for every one of us,
Stands for every one of us,
He saved with a mighty hand,
Every man, every woman
Every child — he’s a mighty flash!

(Barin) “We owe everything to Flash. Hail Flash! From this day on, let every breed of Mongul live together, in peace.”
(Vultan) “Hail Barin!”
(Dale) “Will we ever get out of here, Hans?”
(Zarkov) “I don’t know, but we’ll try.”
(Barin) “We certainly invite you all to stay.”
(Flash) “What do you think?”
(Dale) I’m a New York City girl. It’s a little to quiet around here for me...”


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The fact that this has barely over 7000 views is why we can't have nice things.


0:04 This shout by Sam Jones was my favourite part of the film for many years! Just love the sound track, so awesome on so many levels. The film, though cheesy, is in my top 10! :)


I didn't realize the movie was campy when I watched it as a kid. The lead acts terribly, the love interest doesn't get a chance. But all the rest of the cast is magnificently silly-epic in their dead-pan seriousness, Max von Sydow first among them, of course.

KRG / Kid Ranger


David S

See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. And John?

Mercuria • Chan

John doesn't wanna be credited or mentioned now.


I love the overlap of the girl's lines and the music

- mari -

Que!? Tan solo 5 comentarios >:c
Lo que es no apreciar el arte que es Queen


este es el video menos visto del canal. que esperabas?

Serrano Valeriano Miguel

Asi es la vida :c
Ya que estas leyendo esto,¿te podrías suscribir a mi canal? :3 7u7

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