I Can't Live With You
Queen Lyrics

I can't live with you
But I can't live without you
I can't let you stay
Ooh but I can't live if you go away
I don't know just how it goes
All I know is I can't live with you

Yeah I'm having a hard time
I'm walking a fine line between hope and despair
You may think that I don't care
But I traveled a long road to get hold of my sorrow
I tried to catch a dream
But nothing's what it seems
Love is saying baby it's all right
When deep inside you're really petrified
Lover turns to hater
On this escalator

I can't live with you, yeah
But I can't live without you
I can't breathe if you stay
But I can't bear you to go away
I don't know what time it is
All I know is I can't live with you

We're stuck in a bad place
We're trapped in a rat race
And we can't escape
Maybe there's been some mistake
We're trying to make a high score
We're walking through a closed door
And nobody's winning
We're just sinning against ourselves

Hold on baby tell me it's all right
Anger's breaking from the hurt inside
Passions screaming hotter
Doin' what we gotta do, yeah

I can't live with you I can't live with you
I can't live I can't live
I can't I can't live with you
But baby I'll never ever leave you

I can't live with you
But I can't live without you
Cause I'm in love with you
Ooh and everything about you

I can't live with you
No I just can't live I just can't live
I can't live with you
Yeah and I can't live without you
Through the madness through the tears
We've still got each other
For a million years, yeah

Ooh yeah
Yeah, I can't live without you, yeah yeah
I can't live without you
Yeah yeah, oh oh oh
I can't live without you
I can't live without you
I can't live without you
Oh oh, I can't live without you, baby baby baby
Without you
I can't live without you

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Russell McMaster

@B K you're probably right, it's a possibility which makes most sense.

But if I was to debate it...
Long before MTV evovled Queen had access to a concert style studio which they made video recordings. "Don't Stop Me" is just one of many examples Queen used the studio to put out a concert performance but except for producers they were the only ones in set. The band had used that format many times after.

With the rising popularity of rock videos and MTV bands could promote their music without the need for massive concert tours. Which let's face it is the whole point behind putting on a concert.

Queen promoted two album with radio and video and not one live concert. And album sells did very well

It was very clear Freddie enjoyed performing infront of a camera as much as on stage. Even without the illness, long concert tours wears down a performers massively.

Watch any youtube feed and you can hear the quality in Mercury's voice deteriorated during the length of a concert. And all contributing from the effects of touring not his illness.

I wouldnt be surprised after time the idea of working on a track, doing a video take and be at home having a cup of tea wouldnt grow to be appealling to Mercury.

In the final stages of the illness Mercury's vocals were stronger than Queens last concert. "Show Must Go On" Freddies last recorded song with band proves how powerful his vocals were. Freddie, vocally, slayed the lyrics to that song!

I don't think it be far fetch of an idea which it is that I wondered if he meant it about not doing anymore concerts. I could see him wanting to do the odd show here and there. I'm not so sure about an entire tour.

Looking at Queen now...they have new life with a younger singer. It could be they felt the urge to get out there and introduce Queen to an new entire generation and living up to what Mercury say himself..."I want to be a Legend!"
Any case...I presented a few possibilities. You nor I can really know for sure unless we knew Freddie close, we can only make guesses. One thing for sure nothing is an absolute..Freddie's essence is alive and well.

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His vocals we're really strong for someone literally dying of aids. Freddie was and still is the definition of resilient and power


AIDS cant stop the queen


@Dandymite 🙌


@Dolan Duck yes most definitely.


Yeah they stopped recording stuff late spring and Freddie died in November. The These are the days of our lives video was shot in May and he could barely stand up at that point. That must also have been around the time of the Mother love recordings, which he obviously never finished. Still so admirable though, how he fought and fought to keep on. His last months must have been so hard, not being able to do what he loved the most.

Jester 501

Prince Lunaire Metamorph That's not true. He was bed ridden for a long while before he eventually passed, couldn't walk, was going blind. He didn't lose his voice and die two days later... that's nonsense

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one of most underrated queen song

mehmet alp arargüç

@Jonathan Garcia 😂😂

Nichole Fausey

@Isabel Galiano and? He wrote 67 of their songs? And Fred wrote 78 of them and rog wrote 35 and John wrote 27 so your point?


Isabel Galiano Okay?

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