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Don't you misfire to fill me up
With the desire to carry on
Don't you know honey that love's a game
It's always hit or miss, so take your aim

Gotta hold on tight,
Shoot me out of sight

Don't you misfire to fill me up
With the desire to carry on
Your gun is loaded and pointed my way
There's only one bullet so don't delay

Gotta time it right
Fire me through the night
Come on, take your shot
Fire me higher

Don't you miss this time
Please don't misfire

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: John Richard Deacon

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Bri: it’s a, it’s good Deaky..
Rog: *Whispering to Brian* Are you kidding, it’s absolute piss!
Deaky: You don’t like it guys. :(
Rog: Maybe next time bud.
Freddie comes in
Deaky: Fred, I’ve written a new song!
Freddie looks at the lyrics
Freddie: I love it darling! Let’s get started with it.
Deaky: :)

Abbagail Morrison

John: Hey I have a song idea that could go on the album.
Freddie: What is it?
John: * Hands the band the lyric sheet *
* The 3 look at it *
Brian: .................
John: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Freddie: Well, I don't exactly think this is appropriate.
* John has 6 kids *
Well..... It is self-explanatory

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Lollipop 10

I love John Deacon because he's pure and innocent and... nevermind

Giuseppe Grasso

Of course he is pure and innocent😂😂😂.So pure and innocent is he that there are at least 10 or 20 innuendoes in this song😂😂😂. But compared to the other members of the band, yes, all in all it must be said that he was quite the most innocent when it came to writing songs.

Jublgene Anfercie C. Gonzales


Sera the Educated Feline

He’s like a bunny, cute and innocent on the outside, but has the dirtiest mind of all.

Jadon C

@daphne z Freddie *

a d a n


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Mind you this is the guy who has 6 children

Your Saviour Brisus Christ

Oh wait,I’m a dingus 6 children

Your Saviour Brisus Christ


Anij 822

I know. Very funny! 🤣

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