Need Your Loving Tonight
Queen Lyrics

No I'll never look back in anger
No I'll never find me an answer
You promised me you'd keep in touch
I read your letter and it hurt me so much
I said I'd never never be angry with you

I don't want to feel like a stranger no
'Cause I'd rather stay out of danger
I read your letter so many times
I got your meaning between the lines
I said I'd never never be angry with you

I must be strong so she won't know how much I miss her
I only hope as time goes on I'll forget her
My bodies aching can't sleep at night
I'm to exhausted to start a fight
And if I see her with another guy
I'll eat my heart out 'cause I love her
Love her love her love her

Come on baby let's get together
I'll love you baby I'll love you forever
I'm trying hard to stay away
What made you change
What did I say
Ooh I need your loving tonight
Ooh I need your loving
Ooh I need your loving
Ooh I need your loving babe tonight
Hit me

Ooh I need your loving tonight

No I'll never look back in anger
No I'll never find me an answer
Can't be no warning how could I guess
I'll have to learn to forgive and forget
Ooh I need your loving
Ooh I need your loving
Ooh I need your loving tonight

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Written by: JOHN DEACON

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Patty364 T

to John from the USA. Wishing you a very happy 69th Birthday and a healthy and
happy year ahead! Thank you, John, so much for all the beautiful songs you
wrote, even the ones that never made the charts, because many of those songs
are our favorites. Thanks also for your wonderful basslines that made each and
every Queen song sound so extraordinary...and a special thanks for all your
very entertaining dance moves! You always danced around that stage like you
thought no one was watching, but we are all watching you now, and missing you
so much! Please stay safe and enjoy spending time with your family. ️

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All 4 members have such distinct songwriting styles.

Pedro Pedro44

the j man boi

@Entertainer Ev Yes, that's true. But, what I noticed is Freddie's songs' have the running themes of living life to the fullest that are usually upbeat as well as sexually suggestive tunes ( Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now, Staying Power, We are the Champions, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Seven Seas of Rhye, Under Pressure co-written with Deacon, Bicycle Race and Body Language to name some. While Brian's writings tell of stories of bittersweet romances that are sentimental with a combo rock songs that speak of his confident side ( Sail Away Sweet Sister, Stone Cold Crazy, It's Late, All Dead All Dead, Dreamer's Ball, Hammer to Fall, Who Wants to Live Forever, Sleeping on the Sidewalk, The Show Must Go On etc.). Then, Roger theme contains humor, alongside expressing passion like in the songs Radio Ga Ga, One Vision, Rock It, Fun It, I'm in Love with My Car, Sheer Heart Attack that correlates with the styles). Lastly, John's revolves around telling the story of personal growth in songs of his like Spread Your Wings, Best Friend, Another One Bites the Dust, Who Needs You, Too Much Love Will Kill You for examples.

Maebh mclaughlin

@Entertainer Ev based on his own life eg misfire took me out


@Entertainer Ev
Brian's are usually about desperation (The Show Must Go On) and love (i.e White Queen, Save Me, Too Much Love Will Kill You, etc.)
John's are usually about power and triumph (Another One Bites The Dust, Back Chat, etc.)
Freddie's are usually about fantasy or just surrealistic themes (The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, Ogre Battle, My Fairy King, The March of the Black Queen, etc.)
Roger's are usually about love (I'm in Love With My Car) or events based on his own life (Radio Gaga, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Tenement Funster etc.)
You see, to everything you said there are lots of counter examples. :-))


Freddie: usually writes love songs
Brian: usually writes songs about power or like really sad songs
John: love songs based on his life
Roger: cAr

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..Deacy wrote the song, ..... it's true, but .. Freddie
helped ... and sang! :)

Ya Dingus

dOnT yOu MiSfiRE tO FiLl mE uPp

Leonor Rosales


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