Seaside Rendezvous
Queen Lyrics

Seaside, whenever you stroll along with me
I'm merely contemplating what you feel inside
Meanwhile, I ask you to be my Clementine
You say you will if you could, but you can't
I love you madly
Let my imagination run away with you gladly
A brand new angle, highly commendable
Seaside rendezvous

Feels so romantic, can we do it again?
Can we do it again sometime (ooh, I'd like that)
Fantastic, c'est la vie, mesdames et messieurs
And at the peak of the season
The Mediterranean
This time of year, it's so fashionable

I feel like dancing in the rain
Can I have a volunteer? (Just keep right on dancing)
What a damn jolly good idea
It's such a jollification, as a matter of fact
So très charmant, my dear

Underneath the moonlight
Together, we'll sail across the sea
Reminiscing every night
Meantime (and in the meantime, baby)
I ask you to be my valentine
You say you'd have to tell your daddy if you can
I'll be your Valentino
We'll ride upon an omnibus and then the casino

Get a new facial
Start a sensation (sensational)
Seaside rendezvous (so adorable)
Seaside rendezvous (ooh)
Seaside rendezvous (give us a kiss)

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Written by: Freddie Mercury

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My top ten queen songs (at the moment)- they change all the time are

1. Mad the swine- Queen
2. The fairy fellers master stroke- Queen II
3. Seaside Rendezvous- A Night at the Opera
4. I’m in love with my car- A Night at the Opera
5. Spread your wings- News of the World
6. Seven seas of rhye- Queen II
7. In the lap of the gods (original)- Sheer Heart Attack
8. Lily of the Valley- Sheer Heart Attack
9. You take my breath away- A Day at the Races
10. Flick of the wrist- Sheer Heart Attack

But I also really like
Keep passing the open windows- The Works
I want it all- The Miracle
Hammer to fall- The Works
It’s a hard life- The Works
Brighton rock- Sheer Heart Attack
Crazy Little Thing Called Love- The Game
I’m going slightly mad- innuendo
The show must go on- innuendo
Need your loving tonight- The Game
Doing alright- Queen
Rain must fall- The Miracle
Don’t try suicide- The Game
Now I’m here- Sheer Heart Attack
Jesus- Queen
One vision- A Kind of Magic
We will rock you- News of the World
Killer queen- Sheer Heart Attack
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy- A Day at the Races
Under pressure- hot space
Life is real- hot space
Get down make love- News of the World
Made in heaven- made in heaven
Liar- Queen
Some day one day- Queen II
The prophets song- A Night at the Opera
Las palabras de amor- hot space
In only seven days- jazz
Love kills- Queen forever
Somebody to love- A Day at the Races
These are the days of our lives- innuendo
Innuendo- innuendo
Don’t try so hard- innuendo
The miracle- The Miracle
Princes of the universe- A Kind of Magic
Barcelona- greatest hits III

But I love them all :)

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Baby Zinc

Freddie: We need a kazoo for the instrumental part.

Roger: Hold my car.

Baby Zinc

@Mortix yea ik that was the joke


@Baby Zinc 2.6k now

Benjamin Ortiz


Lorenzo Karter

@Uriah Dante happy to help :D

Uriah Dante

@Lorenzo Karter thanks, I went there and it seems to work :D I appreciate it !!

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Felix Jest

Queen is the greatest band of all time

Jordan Wilson

@Freddie Mercury lol that happens to me alot

Jordan Wilson

@Freddie Mercury I love both bands anyway there probably one of my most favourite bands the Beatles and queen

Jordan Wilson

Actually the Beatles because queen where inspired by them

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