The Hitman
Queen Lyrics

Here we go

Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Hey I'm the hitman
Stand aside
I'm the hitman
I want your life
Ain't no escaping
Don't run and hide
There goes the neighborhood
I'm gonna kill for your love
that's right

Now don't you cry
I'm just it man
And you might get fried
Gun in my pocket
Don't get me wrong
I'll be your hitman
I'm a fool for your love

I'm a head shredder
That's better

Baby baby baby
I'm a hitman hitman hitman

Yeah - trouble in the East troubled in the West
Struggle with the beast - what a thief what a pest
Come back mother
Nuke that sucker
Yeah yeah yeah

Who knows what I'm talking about
Waste that brother
All right
That's the way to do it

I'm the hitman
I'm your prize
But this hitman can cut you down to size
Love me (baby)
Don't be so cool
Love me love me baby
I've been to the hitman school
Yeah yeah
You're gonna make my day
Gonna blow you away
That's when the fun begins (hitman)
Are you ready for the sting
Gonna waste that thing (hitman)
Hitman is king

Go go
Oh hitman hitman

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The VFX Man: Colorization, VFX Experiments

@Sir Vammanen The best way to describe the band's evolution is like this

1973-1975: Prog Metal
1976-1977: Awesome Arena Rock Band
1978-1980: Abba on Steroids
1980-1989: A band that bridged the gap between Synth pop and Hair Metal (Despite being a good live band)
1991-2017: Legends
2018-Present: Manufactured bullcrap thanks to a movie which itself has one of the most intoxicated fandoms I have ever seen

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If anyone ever says Queen were not hard rock, send them this and Stone Cold Crazy.


Gimme the prize

It’s a Trap

Jailhouse rock


@Rapp Scallion Heavy metal is a pretty widely divergent genre. There's definitely "metal" lighter than the heaviest Queen at times. But I think you still generally have a point :)

Rapp Scallion

Are you all out of your fucking minds? I love Queen and rock yes, a handful of hard rock songs yes, but heavy metal is a different thing.


This is more heavy metal than hard rock tbh.

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Quinten Eleveld

I almost got a heart attack when "The Hitman" started playing after "Delilah".


Yooo i sum how got here after Delilah"" 🤣 I was like 🤪😝

Hombre ruso de 40 años

@Leonardo Guerra yes, You are right

Eggshelley The Egg

@Gray Wolf 1521 goddammit I was hoping nobody made that joke so I could make it but😭

Good one...😔

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