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Are you running? (are you running?) (are you running?)
Are you running? (are you running?) (are you running?)
Are you running? (are you running?) (are you running?)
Ha ha ha
H'huu h'huu

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Written by: John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor

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Untitled Fan

This isn't a song but here's some lyrics for it: 22:33

Are you running (are you running)
Are you running (are you running)
Are you running (are you running)

A ha huh huh huh huh
Huh huh
Ha ha

Song: ???
Artist: queen
Album: made in heaven


End of bohemian rhapsody

Tonight Gonna have myself A real good time I feel aliiive
And the world I’ll turn it inside out yea, I’m floating around....

Freddie died of AIDS, now known as HIV, in 1991

Rip legend.

Detroitfan03 02 /DF32

0:00 Birth of Markiplier
2:10 MarkiplierGAME
4:20 Channel grown and from Ohio to California
8:00 On break,10 million subs and continued growth
13:29 Collaboration with CrankGameplays on Unus Annus
17:47 Youtubers downloading all of Unus Annus videos before 11/14/2020 12AMPST
20:10 Unus Annus's clock hits 000:00:00:00,Unus Annus channel deletion,death of Ethan "Unus" Nestor and Mark "Annus" Fischbach
20:34 BlankGameplays and Darkiplier lives on by books
21:01 Youtubers reuploading all of Unus Annus's videos after 11/14/2020 12AMPST (For example 7AM,I guess?)
21:33 Reflection
22:29 Fap,game over,bye-bye,finito,finished,end curtains,gone-gone,night-night,dead,forever and die-die
22:32 And that's the entire story of Markipler. The end.

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Plz No

It goes on forever 23 bloody minutes
Freddie:I pity your wife If you think 23 minutes is forever


isn’t 23 minutes forever though — even in the joke?

Blackshadow Mcsorley

Plz No classic

Plz No

The Lintnerd exactly

The Lintnerd

No, this isn't Forever. This is from Made in Heaven.

Muzica Empathica


Untitled Fan

Its not actually a song, but rather its just some material they put together to create such an amazing masterpiece. About "untitled", the beginning starts off with all the chords from the song they've written called its a beautiful day and the rest is just material from their early albums: such as news of the world and their debut "queen". This is....... A tribute to Queen

Phillip Pershing

Where do their early albums come in here?

Solomon Dale

Imagine playing this in the middle of the night and you hear someone with a voice similar to Freddie's really far out in the distance shout "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYO", and when you look for where the voice came from, no one was there.


Heart Attack time
P.S I am listening to this before bed so thinks for the nightmares

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