Time To Shine
Queen + Paul Rodgers Lyrics

With the sun in your eyes and the wind in your face
To heaven you rise in a holy embrace
Your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds
And you're wondering if you're ever coming down

In an instant the mysteries of life will unfold
The myths and the dragons of time will explode
Here's to a real understanding of truth
For compassion and grace to be given their chance too
Raise up your mind
It's time to shine

A moment down through millennium
Unveiling the secrets of songs to be sung
Waters of life flowing soft to the touch
Wisdom remembered, have we forgotten oh, so much?

Raise up your mind
It's time to shine
Raise up your mind
Hey, it's time to shine

Let's awaken from barbarity
Into a world of serenity
Beyond the rage of foolish pride
And on to the golden shores of paradise

Raise up your mind
Hey, it's time to shine
Raise up your mind
Hey, it's time to shine

Raise up your mind
Your time to shine
It's time to shine
It's time to shine

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Comments from YouTube:


Just listen to the music instead of babbling semantics over the name of a band.

Johnny John & the Schemin' Dreamers

Yes. I haven't listened to this record in a decade... but this song popped into my head and here I am. Only a good song does that.


This guy sucks? He's known as "The Voice" and Freddie Mercury idolized him. His name is Paul Rodgers.

Tracy Walden

Wow these post has 3 to 4 different artist wtf- Paul Rogers does not suck . You have no taste in music at all . Everyone has their opinion but yours just plain SUCKS- Bad Company Rocks 😁ttt24

Steven P

Whitney Houston is the female voice, first few years she was breathtaking.


The most glaring omission from the Rock and Roll HOF is Paul Rodgers. He has proved to be one of the most versatile front men in rock history.

Billygoats Gruff

Fuck the HOF.

-lemmy and paul


V4EKKRINH4RT The Pistols didnt decline the induction. They just told Jann Wenner to kiss their asses and didnt attend.


Jann Wenner who runs Rolling Stone and the HOF never appreciated the brilliance and vocal quality of Paul Rodgers.

Paul is a glaring omission.


this's one of my favs! first time i listened to it on my way home after school from the bus stop, it was a clear cold day and despite my heavy school bag i felt like flying

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