By All Means
Quick and the Dead Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everybody think that I am nuts
By all means I am
'Cause I am crazy and out of my head
Everybody think that I'll flip out
By all means I will
'Cause I am unstable and I need help

Everybody knows (Won't get the best of me)
I will ignore
Those words they speak will not get the best of me

Haven't we shed enough blood?
I know there's got to be something better
Haven't we lost what was ours?
What was ours (Ours, ours, ours)

[Verse 2]
Everybody thinks that I gave up
By all means I did
'Cause I am stupid and on the edge
Everybody thinks that I am wrong
By all means I am
'Cause I am unhealthy but I move on


Because we've got to figure this out
(We've got to figure this out)

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Comments from YouTube:


You're in luck! The link still exists! It has EVERY QATD album. The website used to actually be a label that the band was on back in the day. I just put the link in the video description.

Jorge Lovato

gosh its so hard to find this band! could you possibly post "the giving tree" ? its from the same album i believe

Señor S

memories :'D

Jorge Lovato

WOW! Thanks for posting the vid and thanks for the link. Awesome

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