When it Ends
Quick and the Dead Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've hid my face for way too long
Have I proved anything at all?
'Cause everytime I'm up
You try to throw me down
I've let this go for way too long
And I'm still trying to prove you wrong
If you don't get that then you probably never will

When it ends you'll be dead to my eyes

I've tried to understand you
But all reason seems to fade
What makes you think I care?
I am the one who put up with you
When you needed me
I guess that means nothing to you

[Verse 2]
You look at life like it's a joke
In time you'll really understand
You'll never prosper
With the way you treat yourself
Open your eyes you pessimist
I've prayed a thousand prayers for you
To hear this message
That I'm trying to get through

When it ends you'll be dead to my eyes


When it ends you'll be dead to my eyes

I remember times that I thought
That this would never end
That we would never end
Have I proved anything at all?
'Cause I'm still trying to prove you wrong
I'm sick of running in circles
You're making my heart bleed


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Magic film. So I watched it first time and thought it’s an “ok” movie. Since then I seen it about 5 times and Adam Driver honestly makes me laugh in pain. So oblivious and casual it’s just brilliant. This will end up a classic in years to come. Watch it then watch it again. Look at all the little bits in between words. The silence timing is perfection. There’s a scene when he tells Murray it’s Zombies and is asked “Zombies? Really ?” Driver pauses for ages and just says “yep” hahah. It’s just so funny man


I laughed so hard in the theater during the final scene in the squad car. I don’t think anyone else really got it, but I found it hilarious.


I had the same reaction.

Dorian Christe

Cliff is my favorite. He only got the script for his scenes... too funny. Love the way Bill played Cliff!

ErikLehnsherrAndCharlesXavier houseLannisterHMR

Just before I clicked on this there was a Red Bull ad and I thought damn I hope zombies don’t get any Red Bull.


Theoretically a zombie could obsess over red bull like the coffee zombies and drink some. Well. If they could open one.

Denal YT

I am so confused on what he means when he said he read the script.


Kylo Ren and Dr. Peter Venkman

Silaghi Pavel


jc dova

I love Bill Murray. If the world was under any threat we should be thankful we have Bill Murray to get us through it.

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