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Alam Gumilar

I love how there's no lyrics but this track somehow makes you feel like it's telling you a story that's up to your interpretation.


That's why I love music without vocals so much <3

Simple Balance

This song reminds me of my beautiful brother, Mark. He used to love royksopp, it was his favourite band. He was always trying to show me their songs but i was never too interested, always ignoring him and listening to my own music... Only now do i see what he was trying to show me, which is nothing but great, soul-touching music.... Rip to my brother

Darth Vader

God bless your soul and your precious brother!

Eduard Jakovlev

RIP to your brother(



Fatih Çengel

I am sorry friend, life is meanful with this kind of tastes. So he tasted! Don't be so sad, the end is unavoidable.

Nadir Siddique

R.I.P to your brother.

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Michelle Jenner

Still brilliant peace of music in 2020


This will never get old

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