Röyksopp's Night Out
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Arno IO

I just remember listening to this song as I was driving on a busy Pennsylvania highway through the mountains at night in pouring rain. It felt strangely appropriate for that environment, the repeating high notes in the background being the street signs and constant rain, and the melody over top being the cars around me and the overall stress and urgency; but more-so the clarity and alertness of my mental state at the time- the smoothness of the music being points where I felt confident and capable. The whole tone of the song is busy and a little overstimulating, but the points of smoothness (in my interpretation, at least) show that the chaos is not outside your control. It's a memory I'll never forget, definitely cemented this song and this album as an all-time favorite of mine!

Arno IO

@nosivadbor That's sick lol, you know exactly what I'm saying then


I’ve done this drive in the pouring rain to this album. State college to Pittsburgh.


Must've been a crazy night

Brandon Ostrander

For real.


Presumably, this is the night poor Leno got lost and couldn't find the guys from the band. He wandered around Paris alone while they had the night of their lives.


Listen to this song in the dark with your eyes closed or not.

Just let the music take over your mind and soul for 7 1/2 minutes.

Matthew Arvidson

several minutes of very good driving right there

Stan Fernando

Best track they did.

Andrei M

by far

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