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Hopeful Commoner

I like how this song sounds compared to its title. You'd think it'd be an upbeat song but it sounds so bittersweet. Like a victory that cost a lot along the way.


a Pyrrhic Victory

Keenan Diggs

It's lonely at the top.


i feel sorri for justin bieber he had to make 8accounts to dislike this beautiful song 8times

clark wallace

Royksopp is going to be one of those bands that will be great in history when they are long gone. Their composition capability goes way beyond what people are putting out in the present day, but their not mainstream at the present either.

Slimane Hallali

If Ennio Morricone were behind a synth he'd compose this.

brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

This song is beautiful, stunning and intense from start to finish. Such a depressing melody. Perfect for when you're feeling melancholic, disappointed, or just plain sad.

Jacopo Lando

How can you dislike this? .-.

Laser Quantum

Everybody can dislike. People do what they can do best. Some build. Others destroy.

Sean harding

54 people who are devoid of musical taste.
BTW...I liked your comment!

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