I Say No
R.k. Shuquem Lyrics

And I say
Don't go away
You want me
You need me
and I say
Don't go away


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You are a drug
You are a poison pill
I’ve got to kick this habit now
Or else I never will
I loved the rush
When you would hold me close
But you will not be satisfied
Until I overdose

This is it
Hit the brake
I am finally awake
Let me be
Let me go
You need help
I can’t provide
I am not qualified
This troubled teen is getting clean
I say no

[J.D] (spoken)
Veronica, who else is gonna be-

[Veronica] (spoken)
No, no, no, no!

Don’t say a word
You speak and I cave in
You’ll twist the truth again
And drill deep down beneath my skin
You said you’d change
And I believed in you
But you’re still using me to justify the harm you do

[J.D] (spoken)
Come on!

This is it
Hit the brake
Call it all my mistake
Long as you let me go
You need help
I can’t provide
I’m not Bonnie
You’re not Clyde
It’s not too late
I’m getting straight
I say no

Blame your childhood, blame your dad
Blame the life you never had
But hurting people? That’s your choice, my friend
But I believe that love will win
And hate will earn you nothing in the end
This is the end

[J.D] (spoken)
But I love you!

[Veronica] (spoken)

This is it
I won’t cry
Starting now, I will try
To pay back
All the karma I owe
Start again
Somewhere new
Far from cool guys like you
So goodbye
´Cause now I´m
Saying no

Just in time
I say no
Somehow I’m saying no
Just say no
I say no

Emily R

Alright. Hear me out. I LOVE this song. But I have some qualms with it. Let’s compare some lyrics.

I say no: Blame your childhood, blame your dad, blame the life you never had.

Dead Girl Walking Reprise: I wish your mom had been a little stronger.....I wish we met before! They convinced you life is war!

I say no: Let me be. Let me go.......start again somewhere new.

DGW Reprise: I wish you’d come with me!

I say no: So goodbye, cause now I’m saying no.

DGW: It’s one more dance and then farwell!

I don’t know. It feels like this Veronica and Veronica in DGW reprise are two completely different protagonists. It’s out of character for Veronica to even sympathize with him after this song.

Then also, this is supposed to be the revelation where Veronica realises JD is abusive. But she knew that since Our Love is God and was in denial in Seventeen. I mean, she literally says “Our love is gone.” She’s willing to give him another chance in Seventeen, but it makes it feel like Veronica never felt a revelation in the first place.

I feel like they should either REALLY rethink this song or remove it entirely, because the plot would be unchanged without it. JD will still make his plan to blow up the school and Veronica will still fake her death. I REALLY like this song, I just have my problems. I think there should be a reprise to DGW or Seventeen for the breakup. It would feel more in character.

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" But I love you "

Most underrated line ever

Brianna Nizic

Do you have a link to one?

Nell Bell

I know it's because he held up the gun, but I love it so much without that context. It's like she's acknowledging and refusing the emotional manipulation. She sees it now, and she can handle it - something I feel like a lot of people could do with learning.



Pheabe Prather

the first time i listened to this it caught me off guard it was soo funny

Ben Armstead


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This is how you say no Hamilton... take notes



Akira the weeb

I love this comment

Hetalia South Korea


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