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3 dias virado tô vivendo num deslize
3 puta da grande q hj nós vai revoar
Fala sua brisa eu realizou seu fetiche
Nós vai de 3 letra pernoita da vai bombar

Então joga bala no copo da gata q ela chora
Chama no combão q ela se empolga
Joga bala no copo da gata q ela chora

Já não sei dizer o q tô fazendo da vida
Cada dia um novo Jet pra tumultuar
Baile do rm convoca as presença vip
Chamou o rei do pataco
Eu boto o palco pra estralar

Então joga bala no copo da gata q ela chora
Chama no combão q ela se empolga
Joga bala no copo da gata q ela chora
Marcha no mundâo que fala, hoje é outra bala,roletano na madruga com a siliconada ela é treinada não liga pra nad Jet 011 conexão com a baixada
Mais uma vez eu de pião na quebrada, sem cap sorrindo Roubei atenção da gata
Várias tatuagem cordão e kit de marca pelo olhar dela sei que tá interessada, então sobe aí vamos da uma acelerada
Deixa eu por a lupa só pra da uma chaviada

Hoje é lazer assim tamo vivendo de meca blindada descendo pra são Lourenço,
Parado na viela , carburando aquela vela.
Trajadao de Lacoste e no pe o mizunao. Entre becos e vielas dento logo da favela eo Du Corte que entoca varios foguetão e a vida mudou eo mundo girou.
Exculta ai que essa é midia eo Pai acertou.
Agora to e ostentando de Nave do ano.
Tipo el pablito,numa versão
Sem ser colombiano.
O Malvadão de SP 011 eo DDD.
Se cair no labirinto tu vai se peerde
Tu vai se perde eeeeeeeeee
Da lama direto pra fama, assim diz o Ditado.
Melhor ficar sozinho do que mal acompanhado. Ja vi varios amigos se perde na.vida bandida vida bandida.
Eu fui diferente a canetada foi meu pente só descarrega que vem fluindo da minha mente.

Um forte forte pra da sorte.
Um brinde pros mandrake da 26 da norte.
E pras Bandidas não se entimida é tudo no sigilo do jeito que você brisa.
Um forte forte pra da Sorte


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I usually don't comment on BTS videos, but I just wanna talk about the song and my story for a quick sec...

First, when I saw NELL, I knew there was gonna be a big emphasis on the instruments. And I love it. RM's vocals are seriously amazing and I'm glad these 2 great artists collaborated. (NELL is a k-indie band consisting of 4 members, btw)

It's a song with not many words compared to others, but when namjoon repeats 지나가, there's so much more behind it. I don't know what namjoon was feeling emotionally when he wrote this... but the way I interpret it, he realizes that nothing is permanent. Memories will pass by, so you shouldn't take anything for granted. I feel like he might also be referring to people who have been by his side (fans). Many have left the fandom, but others have stayed. From 2013-2018, so many things have changed and passed. I felt like he was speaking directly to me in a way, and I'll explain why...

I used to be a diehard army, in fact my first M/V was War of Hormone in 2014 and for the longest time, BTS was the only group I listened to. I was in 7th grade in 2014. in 2015-2016... things changed, because I started to listen to other genres, artists, and ventured into indie, bands, and other music. Naturally, I started drifting away from BTS, and I didn't realize until 2017. By then, I had stopped listening to their music ever since Spring Day. I still love and will always cherish my first memories in them, but I had moved on. I heard from friends that namjoon released a mixtape, so I checked out the album.

And here I am,,, I never thought I'd make it back here. But literally, listening to this, it's almost as if he's speaking to me, as someone who left their side and moved on. And namjoon is right, nothing lasts forever. Good and bad memories will pass by. Maybe you won't remember when you look back 10 years from now, but he's saying to cherish the time while you can. I might not be into BTS as much as I was 4 years ago, but I still respect them and thank them for being a light in those years.

No, I do not regret anything, and I'm thankful for them continuing to spread their messages. I'm a junior in high school now, and I still remember the days where I put their albums on repeat as soon as I got home from school. Thanks for still being the same inspiration I knew 4 years ago, namjoon.

All comments from YouTube:


I sometimes find it difficult to believe that namjoon is an actual person. He is just everything I would have ever wished for and even more. I am so blessed to came to know about your existence Joon. Because it gives me so much strength. You mean so much to me. Never loved anyone this way before because never felt so connected to a anyone. You are such a blessing to this earth. You are my fav human being on this planet. And I promise to love you forever.

Nguyên Bùi

I couldn't agree more. To me he's actually an angel who was sent to Earth to help people who are struggling with their life like me. I'm so grateful because of his existence.

( anw sorry my bad grammar)

itadori gojo

I am so thankful for his existence

Sugandha Indian A.R.M.Y

Same goes for me.....my friends do not understand this feeling.....for them he is mere a celebrity crush, thus my feelings for him is over the top. I can never explain them my feelings for RM.
I am not his fan....I am a devotee


Favorite person on the planet
Your mom : excuse me
But honestly I know what you are saying
Sometimes I wish I knew him irl cos I have to say I've never known someone with such a personality that he becomes indescribable, sometimes I also doubt if he is real and hopefully in the future there may be more souls like him

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i feel like im exaggerating when i say that mono saved my life but it truly did. i was in such a dark place back in 2018, with me attempting suicide twice, i could barely go a day without self harming. all of the songs on the album are so so fucking comforting and i love them so much.

Rainbow Pearl

I really hope that you're less struggling right now thank you for doing your best and staying with us ! Love you and sorry for any mistakes, i'm not a native. 💜

Sanjyoti Shende

I hope you're doing well now! This song's just a life saver


Same and I hope that your doing better now <3

Sung Jin Woo

i hope you're okay :) everything will pass eventually

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