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519 The sky isn't always blue The sun doesn't always shine It's …
Bloodline You didn't mean it when you said that you'd try, T…
Cabin Fever Stuck in a room, in a rut. Scratch my head, spill…
Deadweight Deadweight! If I'm honest I'm still distant, staring blankly…
Flatline Go and decay, I'm finding out I was never awake enough…
Playing Fiction I saw the bottom, felt a sinking feeling She fed me…
Tell Me What's the point in being overwhelmed, when it makes no…
The Desmond Show Bonjour. Aujourd'hui dans notre programme nous allons p…
Warning Sign Cut down on sitting down I'm tired of having nothing in…

You Never Said I'll run my mouth off like always do, And say something…

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Comments from YouTube:

Kabelo Sehanka

Sounds like a late 2000's Pop Punk song! Love it

Adam Birangga

all songs on this album are very very amazing. probably their best album so far!


Too many good pop punk records this year, my ears are so fucking busy but I love it.


this album is gonna be soooo good


I just love the combination of the two voices, similar to Seaway. Absolutely amazing!

Sam Caballero

I love it !

Jono Bennett

I really love all of the minors in their progressions on the new album.

miguel cervera

ROAM is better than ever 🔥


damn, this is good. Roam is shining recently.

Tiffany Zukow


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