The Rich Life Of A Poor Man
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519 The sky isn't always blue The sun doesn't always shine It's …
Bloodline You didn't mean it when you said that you'd try, T…
Cabin Fever Stuck in a room, in a rut. Scratch my head, spill…
Deadweight Deadweight! If I'm honest I'm still distant, staring blankly…
Flatline Go and decay, I'm finding out I was never awake enough…
Left For Dead She's calm collected and I'm wrapped around her fi…
Playing Fiction I saw the bottom, felt a sinking feeling She fed me…
Tell Me What's the point in being overwhelmed, when it makes no…
The Desmond Show Bonjour. Aujourd'hui dans notre programme nous allons p…

Warning Sign Cut down on sitting down I'm tired of having nothing in…
You Never Said I'll run my mouth off like always do, And say something…

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Thomas Lobao

I really wonder if Hopeless and other similar punk labels just have a shared space where they film all these bright colored music videos. Either way I'm all for it.

jacen cade

Some choreographers have signatures that allow them to sort of put a stamp on their works.

Hello there.

Thomas Lobao lol was just about to comment asking if pop/punk just film music videos in the same studio on the same day to save money

Issac Rivera

Wow!! Esto si que es bueno, ame la canción a los primeros 5 segundos, sin duda esta música fue, es y seguirá siendo la mejor!


We need another ROAM x As It Is tour in europe man

aye nadine



I discovered roam on csgo as a music kit about a year ago and I have listened to all your songs since. Also Roam needs to do a US tour

Certified Loser

@Tyeson Dang yea, Neck Deep rocks

Certified Loser

lmao, same here

Tyeson Dang


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