Tic Toc
Racoon Lyrics

Tic toc, 1 listen to the clock
I wonder if she's gonna come over
Or if she's gonna stay away, again today
Tic toe, why don't the bummer stop
She's late, just look at the clock I'm f ***ed,
already missing her a lot

This is all she seems to do
This is all f need to know
0 Eleanore why don't you show
Tic toc, I'm running out of luck
I know Eleanore is gone now
She's gonna lend someone a f.f.f.f.f.

They say, it's all a big mistake
And that it's more than I should take
0 yet I love her so, still she don't seem to behave though

This is all she seems to do
This is all I need to know
0 Eleanore why don't you show

I wish you could star in all of my shows
a different soap everyday to suit you.
Never gonna go anywhere you know Eleanore
O no, I'm never gonna go anywhere you know Eleanore
'cause I'm all yours, love

Tic toc, I'm thinking about a lot
Why does beauty always stop and
Makes you wish you had a brick for a heart

So true, I got a lot to do
Can always read a book or even
Watch 'have I got news for you'

This is all I seem to do
It ain't much f need to know
0 Eleanore I can't let go

Chorus (2x)

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No sub to mine lol

lams lams

“get em in there govner”
“atta boy cmon govner”

Chongyun The exorcist

@Gabriel Butler wait you shippin animals.. plus they’re BABIES? 💀 go get some fresh air

Gabriel Butler

@shyboi no comment*


@Gabriel Butler they’re brothers

Gabriel Butler

10:03, I ship them

Bukuroshe Bytyçi

I can’t get over how they have hands

Clear Contentment

Plot twist humans came from raccoons lol

Anthony Santiago

@Ivan Valentine I find this funny because they have an IQ in between cats and monkeys

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