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The Moment
by Rahsaan Patterson

Love lately ain't what it seems
It's easy to get your heart broke
If you're not careful
I haven't found a soul mate
And while I wait
It gets lonely sometimes
And that'll make you do some crazy things

Try to find love in a one night stand
Caught up in the moment
Words become screams of passion

It's easy to confuse my touch for my love of you
When it's just touch and go
Taste the flavor and swallow

(you're so sexy; I'm so hot)
Sometimes that's all it is
Desire and sex appeal
Nothing more than the moment

Trust lately ain't been easy
Don't wanna give your love to
Someone who won't be true (to you)

I haven't found the right one
And I've got good reason to take my time
Don't wanna make the wrong decision

'Cause lovers come and lovers go
But don't you get me wrong
I still wanna be treated like a man love

I still need the touch of a woman
Who understands that it's just touch and go
Taste the flavor and swallow


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