2 Cents
Rainsford Lyrics

"2 cents

Got a sore throat and I keep choking
I didn’t say what a mess I’m in
hard to speak up when I’m so private
give me 2 cents like I asked for it

The way you see it
it seems so far away (ooooh)
you know I feel it, work through my
co-dependency (ooohhh)

I, I need a lot but
I can give you what you’re wanting
love like crazy
I, I need a lot but
you’ll get more than what I’m taking
pretty baby

Lookin at me like an animal (you got me)
starting to question my own judgement
maybe i cry when its laughable (i live by)
felling it out, I’m emotional

if you’re in the mood to turn it up, turn me up baby
Don’t, don’t, say no

you know, i try, i might
hold on a little hard, too tight, tonight, i’m hitting a wall


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Comments from YouTube:

gen shiryuku

why she's underrated, I wish that someday, this beautiful lady would hit it really big. Like the other artists that I'd prayed for


gen shiryuku AMEN!!!!

Piyush rasote

Heard her song on Spotify came searching for her really nice voice hope you be successful 👍❣️

Akash Dhara

So here's the thing, I just randomly looked up 2 cents on Spotify as I had the 2 cents fugazi loafers on my mind atm and needless to say, I've been obsessed with this song ever since


I’m blown away by her talent. I’ve been listening to all of her songs on repeat for weeks and they never get old. They always sound fresh! Her dad Paul was a singer - a one song hottie but he was great!! It’s called please please. Check it out. I’m so impressed by Rainsford Q!!!

Debbie Hicks

I just found her from one of those Kids of stars things & was wasting my time with & up popped one of my favorite actresses Addie MacDowell & seeing Rainy was a singer, thought I would have a listen. So glad I did! Shes Awesome!!


This song is giving me so many good vibes, its just so good ! Gonna be on loop for the rest of the week for sure ♡

Barbara Jeanne

I love this! It sounds so magical and sad yet perky all at the same time

Matteo Pasini

This song is beautiful! I listen to it on repeat since I discovered it on Spotify <3

Alex Anyfandakis

Sooooo good!!! 🤩 The kind of song I can listen to a million times and never get tired of hearing it! 😊

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