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Misty Fernandez

I love John Travolta and literally everything he has starred in. I couldn't care less what his PERSONAL sexual preferences are. He and his wife have been through so much pain, It would be great just to see them both(separately) finally happy again. We lost my brother from SIDS when i was younger, so i personally know how people can never get passed that, unfortunately. Everyone deserves happiness.

Shari Marinkovic

@Misty Fernandez She died of breast cancer. If you were such a Travolta fan then you should have known this!


@Misty Fernandez "My gosh, was it Covid?" She had breast yeah, cause of death in 2020 listed as covid.

A. Alonso

Did you not know that John Travoltas wife Kelly Preston passed away?

Final Star

@ELL OHYOU Not his best work?!'re not a Man. You might be male or female. But, you're definitely not a Man.

Final Star

@Misty Fernandez 😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

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D Farrer

Anyone that didn’t know Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH CBE was gay must be living under a rock because he’s been out & proud forever!!

Gary meacham


Lindlelover Watterson

Exactly! Like it qas printed and talked about A LOT especially after Harry Potter, most of us knew he was gay and didn't care he was an amazing actor and that's all

joseph burtulato

I think it was Jane Russell who said in an interview that you would be shocked to find out how many gay actors from the 40s,50s and 60s, who were married and had families had to keep it a secret.

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