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The Wanderer
by Rane

So let me start again
Before another circus ride
Forget the things you said
I bet you wish you never lied
So let me start again
Build these ashes to a blazing fire
Then head into the driving rain
For the journey home again, back home again

So won't you tell your friends
We're gonna have a party here
And it may never end
So take it slow with all the weed and beer
And if you're feeling low
Step outside and take some air
Because the vibe you kick kid
You know we need it here

And as we start again
There are some who will enjoy the ride
When we begin to spin
There are some who fear we will collide
And as we near the end
Some will hurry to get back in line
To begin again
One more ride before we're out of time

We're free to wonder, free to love
We're free to wonder, free to love

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