Ras Kass, Victory: We need your help!

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by Ras Kass

{*crowd noise and speeches for the first 0: 31*}
Yo... I go in, like spellin gone
Prison dwellin fel-on, so nigga what'chu really tellin John?
I done had a harder career, than most of my peers
Never got thrown a life preserver, cause most of 'em feared
Niggas got on off my shoulders, and turned they back
Guess you don't introduce fiends to other dealers if you servin crack
And that's that, heard the game could be sold
Not told with game sold to soul to talk shit cause I'm not gold
So I promised myself, I'mma follow myself
Pass rap college myself, I'mma do this myself
There's no rug you can sweep me under
I am one with the universe; I am earth wind rain and thunder
This is called the warrant, I hot fire the hot Aston Martin
Even my hot ass be pardoned
The audacity to name a hot ass city C-Arson
Niggas harassin me, how many hot bars I be sparkin
Some of the greatest plus all of the hot bitches I dated
I'm a hot boy, spittin fuego hot potato
I'm not the most famous but my flow's more heinous
Ten years consistently classic radio never played it
Niggas forget I came out Lil' Bow Wow's age
So I'm still young enough to hit yo' bitch-ass with the gauge
See I would make "Nature of the Threat," but I'm grown now, color blind
If you been a real friend in my life, dog we brothers
I done seen niggas I grew up with, turned to the other side
Every brother ain't a brother, can't convince me otherwise
Re-Up still a team though, Matrix had a glitch
Had to let go of some weak links, one violated a chick
Another was doin bad, helped my dude then he switched
Jumped ship, wanted to be assistant pimp
So here's baby powder, it's funny how the world still spinnin
And after everything we still winnin
Through the pain and the tears we gon' make it out the slums
Through the bad and the worse, we gon' do it 'til it's done
We, shall over (over) come

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