Ratatat Lyrics

bum tisk bum tsk tsk bum tick tick tick tick bum dum dum dum bum ding ding bum ding tick tick

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Chris Nenshati

THE most underrated instrumental band ever. Very few bands get it right.

Teni Baroiant


Dep ShallBurn

Not underrated at all

Bear Grizzly

Oh yeah..they're pretty "under rated"? 😕 Dunno wtf you're talking about tbh lol Ratatat has tons of recognition ...

Theo P

@Marcus J yes 😑


godspeed you! black emperor

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i have a vibrant, active imagination, and listening to this masterpiece reminds me of swiftly driving through the winding mountain roads of tennessee

John B

Morning Routine:
> Coffee
> Gettysburg
> Right Click
> Loop
> Check Emails

bob bob

really? you must get very bored of the songs. The mind sadly does not like repitition.

Soviet Salad

in terms of deaths per acre, the battle of schrute farms was far more pivotal than Gettysburg.

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