Raven Lyrics

Hey - she's on her way
keep the drink a'coming
just get out of her way
she's on a roll tonight
go go baby in another cat fight
hey - she's got it all figured out
working all the angles
& there's ain't no doubt
hey - the camera never lies
wearing out your welcome
and you just can't deny

You think you got it down
& they'll come running round
but when its time to fly
they'll leave you high & dry
go - here we go - you're a train wreck
coming waiting to happen
see - don't you see - you're a train wreck
coming guaranteed
go - here we go - cos you're heading
for trouble
train wreck coming now

Running from tomorrow trying to
find a detour from today
they got you on the front page
twisting every word you say
hey - a movie star - no sign of talent
who'd you think you are
got one for the money two for the show
sink another drink
and watch her go go go

You think you got it down
running all over town
one step forward two steps back
24 carat heart attack

They turned their back on you
- now what you gonna do
the only sound you hear
- is screaming in your ears

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