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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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0:00 The hero approaches the cave entrance and moves in slowly and cautiously peering around for any danger with dry bones cracking under foot. 
0:29 The hero senses that it is near and approaching. Readying for battle as the creature slowly shows itself and circles the hero looking far more menacing and larger then the hero anticipated.
0:53 The heroes silvery-green eyes meet the creatures fiery amber and they stare each other down.
0:58 They charge each other and as they get close the hero leaps over its head hitting it in the back with their weapon. 
1:10 The creature turns and they exchange blows to quick for an untrained eye to follow.
1:22 The heroes weapon is knocked away and they're thrown back against the cave wall struggling to get up while the creature circles them. 
1:34 The creature lunges and pushes the hero away from the wall the hero holing its jaws just centimeters from their face.
1:47 In a great surge of strength the hero somehow manages to break its jaws.
1:50 The creature knows the fight has gone against it and attempts to flee but the hero catches it and gets on the back of its neck grabbing its skull with the creature desperately trying to get it off.
1:59 the hero snaps its neck with their bare hands.

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This is one of the few epic pieces that gives me a "feeling in my bones" moments. Love it. <3


In ASMR language we call ti "Tingles" :)


I need a 1 week version. You know, for my exams week.




the most satisfying is the timer in the vid and in youtube be in synch

Edit: Srry for my english


I don’t think anybody understands how long I’ve been trying to find this song, and it’s as good as I remember


I tried to play a WWII themed FPS VR game with this music on max volume. The amount of adrenaline I felt rushing through my body was the greatest experience. Very energetic music. 100/10.




@RayFire I recommend Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (VR, not the other one) as this is the game I was referring to above. The game is pretty good, but the weapon movements look kinda awkward, sometimes ruining the immersion. Another game is Pavlov VR, and while the animations are great, it's not a WW2 game and has very small maps and few weapons. I think you should try all of them though, both are great
Edit: here's the video that I discovered the first game from:


How could someone give a thumb down? Unforgivable!
This track is so awesome, that I JUST. CANT. EVEN.

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