Fiery the Angels Rose
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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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“Fiery the Angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll’d
Around their shores, indignant burning with the fires of Orc…”

Exoslasher Films

As the single outnumbered samurai made his final stand against his enemy, he rides off into the misty distance yelling a battlecry and draws both his katana and wakazashi towards his enemy. The commander gives off the signal to fire arrows in his approach and disappears under the rain of approaching arrows.

Exoslasher Films

Perfect trac k for a final charge.



Linus' Epic Music Channel

Spooky, just right for Halloween.


Lorne Balfe ? Nice to see him here :D

Korbuscus EcUniverse

Why can’t I play this song on Apple Music anymore or find the album In iTunes


GOT Last season. Jon snow dead, as many others. Dany arises from the last battle. Short hair. Skin burnt. Suffering, but still rises. Rising with Drogon, turned whitewalker, by her side.

This is how this song makes me feel...


More like the other way around



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