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Alex Lloyd Culture souvenier shop Lying on the chopping block World wid…
Jonathan Davis I came in your window last night like a ghost…
Mc Stan Stannyyy इनकी मां छोड डाल "वो आया, देखो, देखो वो आया" लड़क…
Momentum We masquerade as divided parties Pursue archaic gender roles…
Orgy i wish i was infinate and given my way i'd be so…
SQWOZ BAB Обозначить гендер – это настоящий гемор Меня берет тремор, к…
Łydka Grubasa Za górami, za lasami Żyją baby z kutasami. Zamiast grzecznie…

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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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boop the snoot

flawless choice of music for that captain america the winter soldier trailer. it matched the tense atmosphere perfectly. you guys are really nailing it. I just keep coming back to this song over and over.

Doly Sinaga

The best soundtrack for the best trailer for the best Marvel movie to date. It's a shame this is not included in the CATWS soundtrack album.


I like the edited version used in the trailer a little better, but I thought that this version was pretty great too. Glad to see it's been released publicly.

immortality vfx

The Captain America movies are the greatest superhero movies ever! The story. The soundtrack. The action. The dialogue. The heroic main character. The tragic love story. The hunt for his best friend. And how he tries to control his emotions for Bucky. Just an epic trilogy.



Thejus Rao

Guess What Dark Knight trilogy isn't that good. All the Nolan asskissing has to stop.

Emmanuel Perrin

Captain America is boring as hell. Even Superman felt less boring.

Rohit sindhu

Ur right . Captain America trilogy is the best superheroes movies ever made I feel .tbh never got tired watching compare to others superheroes movies .

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Someone suggested 2x speed. And I gave it a try for the second time listening to this track. HOLY SH**!! It's beyond epic!! Never gonna be able to listen to this at normal speed ever again!

Stormpants 1

Holy Bible! You’re right!!!

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