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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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Millicent Bystander

I'm disappointed that no-one's recognised the characters in the image as Behemoth and Eidolon yet.

charles eldredge

@Supermanfan 2003 which one?

Woven System

Perhaps they havent found worthy opponents yet


I did the moment I saw this. Worm really needs a TV show or a comic book adaptation.

John Ageton

Its the whole reason I clicked on the video

Supermanfan 2003

I did and I’m still wondering if the Justice League could defeat him.

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Funky Town Monkey Pimps

“This is what the Endbringers are. As of yet, we’ve been unable to stop them, unable to get through even one confrontation without grievous losses, be it civilian casualties, the loss of a city, or the loss of the lives of some of the bravest and strongest of us. And they will keep coming, one after another, winning these small victories, and winning some major ones. You are doing a good thing. The greatest thing. This is why we are tolerated, why society allows and accounts for the capes that walk the streets and fight in its towns. Because we are needed for situations like this. With your assistance, we can forestall the inevitable. Your efforts and, if you choose to make them, your sacrifices, will be remembered.”


Except that guy goes batshit insane, and in the end, nothing matters.


Connor Scott-McAliley one of his best speeches.

Connor Scott-McAliley

-Legend, 201x

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