Other Worlds
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A.D.E Late night on a Sunday I'm in bed wide awake Waiting for…
Electromagnetic Blaze When I open, my eyes I'm drawn in Into dream life Undefined …
mixed by 1.1 & Moxo Tengu Late night on a Sunday I'm in bed wide awake Waiting for…
Screaming Trees Action in the ways I see today Hold me back into…
Sky vs Sea You are all just pawns enslaved in my kingdom With no…
Trivium We're dreaming in color Believing no other, no other We're d…
WVNDER Born and raised from humanity But I don't feel at home,…

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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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Comments from YouTube:


You have to do another collab with instrumental Core. I freaking love this style, That's the best what I've heard so far!


These tracks are insane!!! How have I only just discovered these ...


Need to listen to this first thing in the morning to start off the day.


The Other Worlds album is beautifully composed as a whole.


This is one of the best soundtracks which are free to use on youtube i have ever found!
Thank you!!!


muss ich auch sagen :)


Sehe ich genauso


big thanks to the artist


Now, it's my favourite song! Really good job!


I discovered this yesterday and holy this track is amazing

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