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Action Bronson Yeah, yeah it's me, it's me (It's me) It's me (It's…
Big E I don't really fuck with none of these niggas (Niggas be…
Big E & Thouxanbanfauni I don't really fuck with none of these niggas (Niggas be…
From The Ground Up A boyhood dream Desperate for friendship Master the streets …
heylog At night I wanna end it all In bed as tears…
Jeff the Brotherhood I didn't mean to make you mad I didn't mean to…
Shredder Sunlight out of my eyes Under treacherous skies Knelt down b…
The Crimea The tap still drips. The cactus dies Consciences bounce …
U.F.K. Dubstep Come on! Surf’s up in the city! I’m fired up and I’m…

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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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This song would be awesome for BATTLEFIELD's reveal!


I had no idea this was composed by Attila Ats, but it definitely has his vibe. Very impressive, love his music. great job.

Attila Ats

This was composed by Attila Áts. :)


this is so epic and it feels like some disaster is about to happen

Peter Gundry | Composer

Wow, amazing piece Attila!! Very Big


I love this SO much!


i'm highly disappointed you didn't use a pic of TMNT's shredder for this, it was a perfect opportunity!


this is one of the first songs...I don't really have much to say about 


I made an AMV with this amazing song. Check it out if you enjoy some visuals with your music, like I do.

Elli Garrett

This sounds very... Mad Max: Fury Road to me. Anyone else?

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