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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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Amazing... Both the music and the image.

This is my 4th poem, inspired by this video. Here goes:

"We're almost there,
Don't stop."
Of exhaustion she almost could not bear,
Until the magnificent backdrop,
Her eyes beheld,
With very many stars against it.
Her legs buckled,
And she started to tear a bit.

"What's wrong?"
He asked.
"Nothing. I'm just where I belong,"
She, in the glorious view, basked.

"The Suns and Stars above,"
He whispered.
"Don't you just love?"
Whispered as one shimmered.

Not that it'll ever do justice to the amazing art in the video. :)


When the Sun is gone.. it's not the end
Multiple stars will be your friend
Every day... Every night
You will always win your fight

Although you think you're not winning...
Just remember to keep on trying...
Let me just cut to the chase...
Life never started as a race...
You just got to keep it nice & easy
Until the day you'll be ready

Look at the mirror what do you see?
If you look at a mirror and said "It's just me"

Welp I'm sorry you are wrong.

What I see is a person that is strong...

I see a person with many goals...

I see a person who will change the world...

If you think you cannot make it...
All I can say is... "You will"

The only thing that is keeping that from happening...
Is yourself...

You will face obstacles that maybe are too hard for you...
You will be struck with fear that will paralyze you...
People will shout at you...
People will ignore you...

Don't let the little things have an affect on who you are..

Like again...
The Only Person Who Is Keeping You Down Is...


These are my last words to all the people...

Just keep on trying and trying
Even if it's hard just keep on trying
Do you think all the famous people out there made it cause it was their destiny?
No! They made it cause they tried.
They tried their hardest...
Even though people were hating on them and shouting at them...
Well you know what..
They tried...

Pretend there's a wall...
The wall is an obstacle...
Your just there standing and looking at it...
It won't move for you...
You go and go over it...

I actually don't know where I was going with that but..

There are 3 types of people..

Winners knows their gonna make it.
Losers were once winners until someone changed them.
Triers... ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT WINNING OR LOSING... That's why you see people lose but they don't care. Because At least. they tried.

Trying new things are scary.
But when you were a kid, you didn't care.

All you cared about was just having fun.

You only have 1 chance in life so make it good.

Have Fun. Try New Things. & Enjoy life.

Because I am, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO...

Welp.. see ya .



Every line we cross, every step we take
All our hearts cannot break
All that we feel, all we see
Is only a future caused by me
Every journey
Every song
We all know how to sing along
Even if the words aren't right
And our tune is down
At the end of all sounds you have lost a frown
Every new smile
Every little laugh
Every little thing
You have to have
Although we cry
And our hearts break in two
We still stride on
With all we need to do
Our lives are a climb
Not a dangerous jump
The worst we can come by
Is a tiny little bump
We all have lost more
Enough to push you off
But this isn't right
Although they scoff
No matter the cost
Your life is at risk
Don't give it up
Even if you feel lost
Every star you see
Every mountain you climb
Is someone who loves you
No matter what time
So please don't give up
What ever you do
Because I am one of the people
Who cares about you
I love you, never forget that


Me(crying in tears)this song is so beautiful ,this song is one of my only inspiration in my life right now,I tried to make a note(poem) though,

After all we've done
After all we have gone
Lost in the dark
Nowhere to run
Left with abandoned hope
And gone
Left behind because of the anger left in your soul
Distinguish the fire and you will glow
Let the moon shine you in the dark
As the stars guide you to your path
Think for the best,not for the worst
And you will find your self back to your world


From dark to bright
I will always guide u
I will always be with you
Even when the whole world is againts you
I will still be with you
Cause i love you
You are the song of my soul
The rythm that flows through my blood
The arrows that fly staright to my heart
The shadow that helped me escaped from the dark
The shining star in a dark sky
I will do whatever for u
Even if i get a no i would still love u
Even if i have to run a thousand miles just to get to you
Every time i looked at the star i see one brighter than other and i picture of you
A shining star in darkness
An angel that guide me to the light
A guardian who stood up for me above all others
An irony of happines and freedom
A clear future for me
And a true freind who make me feel special
You are my whole world and its not just because youre pretty but because youre kind and im thankfull to have the opportunity to meet and know u from beggining to end i will always remember you ill be youre protecter ill be youre star that shine and you will always be mine


Every star tells a story
A story of ones life
As I look upon the night sky
And see the stars shine like suns
I can see the stories of the hero’s above
I see how they went through hell
They suffered much
But never gave in the failure
They remembered they are meant to shine


Y'know, this song really made me think about all the good times i had years ago. When the good times still existed. Got me really sad inside. I honestly wanted to cry but couldn't. Because something told me that things were going to get better eventually. Just gotta be positive. Even though times are rough. Just look towards the future. You'll see what life has in store for us. Even though this was uploaded like four years ago. Somebody had to say it.

Some motivation to move forward in life :)

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This is the kind of music that you want to hear if you have been through something. It gives you hope, strength and courage.


Okay, we Have the same Opinion... Like it ✨


And goosebumps




Yes this kind of music gives me hope with tears on my eyes :)


It's not music but it's god

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"Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows." - Napoleon Bonaparte.




Looks like he was wrong lmao


Its too great to start an epidemic

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