Your God Is Dead
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In Apostasia Your god is dead Your god is dead Your god is dead Your…
Mussolini Headkick You have shown me all your places I speak to you,…

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Splendid Here we are Face to face Waiting for the last embrace Eye to…

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crickey !

can we all just acknowledge the fact that this song is so good?

Lord Hightower

and n0t 0ffensive

Kayleb Knapp



LordNeo [LORD OF WISDOM] you again you were the one who made that long script on the wolf song I loved your script ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Derek Monroe

Does anybody else realize this is the Modern Warefare theme?

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Totto Land

This music takes you to another universe, to a fantasy world where nothing is impossible, where hope is so much stronger.

Battle Music

I don't know where they get their inspiration to make such works of art but I'm definitely not one to complain! Thank you for this wonderful combination. It really helped me get through the tough times.

Daniel Beijbom

Wow, over 1 million views! Thanks for listening everyone!! ♥ I've enjoyed reading all these comments, and just wanted to say that the title name is just a silly title name :) Has nothing to with whomever or whatever god YOU believe in. Thanks again for listening! Really appreciate it!! ♥


I'm listening since 2016, I always come back, I need it, it's like a drug were I can imagine not beeing completely powerless against the destruction of the only habitable World we know, I'm growing a headcannon/short story for this song, with every coming back, some more is added to the story, much is changed like life, when I'm done, I'll link it here.

Edit: thank you so much for giving people such an amazing time!

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Epic Battle Music

Life is like a piece of music, you need difficult notes to make the perfect melody

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