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Everything About You
by Reboot The Robot

Look at you, you're oh so special
Yeah I'm talking to you
So please don't blush
Causei don't really say this all
That much.

But it's true, I'm addicted to you
Yeah it's true.
I'm addicted, I'm addicted to you.

I miss your laugh
I miss your touch
I miss you smile
I just miss it all so much
When you do
I just love everything
About you (x2)

So let's do it like this
Whoever thought that we would end
Up like this
I'm just so ready to go
I'm not the patient type you know
So lets' take it back
Back to the time
When you used to laugh
Oh, take it back, oh.

But it's true,
I'm addicted to you
Yeah it's true
I'm addicted, I'm addicted to you

We don't have much time
Will you be mine
We don't have much time.

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Comments from YouTube:

Andrey Pinheiro

sou o único no Brasil que ama essas músicas ? não é possível! haha


Is there any way to find the chords for this song? Or maybe a tutorial? I've been trying to learn it for a while.


great love song here.. good for a movie soundtrack...

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