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Tie In
Recondite Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I used to listen this from my headphones before I go to sleep when I was completing my mandatory military service. Kept me connected to the life for a while.


@Astral'o Pithecus Turkey, City of Van.

Astral'o Pithecus

Which country?

Cyan Blackflower

Recondite - Very nice minimal techno music. Melodic, abstract, artistic and often quite beautiful in the simplicity of minimal art. I love the visuals here as well.

Weird0 Channel :p

Snow no longer exists there(I guess). It'll be a documentary for our descendants. Historical source of evidence...😕😷😷😥😥


Cosovo Dxstinqtxn yep. Its just really slow acid house.


I don't think this is minimal though.


If you look closely, in HD, you will see the name of the train station at 7:28 And it is Vassijaure which lies in the northern part of Sweden. (You will pass it on you way to Riksgränsen, which is a famous swedish ski resort)

Faizal Nafis

Beautiful. I could organise my life around this piece of music.

Weird0 Channel :p

Save this kind of comments for urself and those who love u. @friendly\useful advice....🙃

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