Red Dons Lyrics

Your fate

Do your best to
Reach the top now
Be a, be a, be something
Then ask her why
You’ve never been happy
You’ve never been happy,
You’ve never been happy at all my friend
You’re late
But still you pay

Before your life becomes superficial
Better walk outside in the rain

The fits of depression
You feel from the pressure
You can’t really measure everything
That it does for you
You’re miserable
It’s never been worth it,
Never been worth it
Never never worth the cost

Ah, It’s a superficial course that you are on you’re a fake
Because you wear a stormcoat
And you’ve never walked outside in the rain
I know, I’ve been there
And you’ve never walked outside in the rain
You’ve fooled your colleagues and your friends
You’ve got a hold on them

But still your lie destroys you
Each and every day
And your heart is torn up
From living life this way
Feel your heart get torn out
It’s never been worth it
It’s never been worth it
Never been worth it at all

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