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Body of Water
by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Show me a sign that I love you
Blow me a mind as you always do
Remind me to tell you that I've come to
Believe in the beauty, the power of you
Woman, dissolve into the sea
The body of water is calling me
The god of my daughter is always free
There's nothing to solve and you're solving me

Ooh, I'm in your company
Ooh, body that's calling me
Ooh, I'm in your company

Throw me a line I could use one
I special-design me 'cause I'm your son
Two thousand below where I feel my love
The body of water where I come from

I'm dreaming, got a reason to steal
Fire from the other side out there
Formations flow like screams

I'm made with a life to spare
Get the jizz, Mister sism? got a rhythm
Technology of a prayer
Scientist to the prism of faith
And hope so I am there

Baby I'm old, can you come here?
The science of love is becoming clear
Invisible love with the color still
I need to a place in the atmosphere
And I may believe...

Contributed by Kayla I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Caleb Dickerson

I discovered this song from reading Scar Tissue and damn this sounds so much different than anything from the album and I love it

Brandy Stewart

@Led Remix Thanks for sharing this tidbit. I love their funky sound, but I love this crossover stuff too! Chili Peppers can do no wrong. 😆

Led Remix

Frusciante's creation . Same rock as in Especially in Michigan. Chad and John being more rockers than the other guys loved this crossover stuff more than the funky itself. AK and Flea were more funkateers but at the end started to play more rock as well. Indeed the punk rock component in rhcp is noticeable since the beginnings


And to think, John wanted all of By the Way to sound like this. I would've probably liked 50 times more.

Nick Bottorf

So much false information in this thread it hurts me. John wanted to make softer more melodic songs and occasionally get a bit heavy. Flea wanted to create Californication V2 basically, with pure funk. Rick Rubin never told the band what to play, ever. He would sit in a room as they wrote and rehearsed and rarely say a word. When it came time to record he was on the wavelength that the BAND created, and used his knowledge to best capture the sound the BAND created. He never gave a shit about pop and selling records, it’s the fuckin RHCP with John they were obviously going to sell records. No, the sound of the album as it is, is largely dictated by John. The only reason flea didn’t quit the band is because he would never betray or abandon Anthony, who obviously would never find work in music again, while flea could easily find work.

James Schultz *Est.1982

@Rian Holmes "By The Way" is INCREDIBLE! But I LOVE these B-sides, with the heavy sound. I'd heard an interview with John back in the day saying they basically recorded a whole punk album at the same time...

The Magnanimous

@Msjaj hehs nah there's like 2 or 3 throwaway songs but the rest is decent to their best


@Msjaj hehs nah

Msjaj hehs

@Rian Holmes studio version of by the way is very bad

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Gayle Gayle barr

how do i download these b-sides from youtube to my windows media player?

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