Catholic High School Girls Rule
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Catholic school girls rule
Catholic school girls rule
Catholic school girls rule
Catholic school girls rule

In the class she's taking notes just how deep deep is my throat
Mother Mary don't you know
She's got eyes like Marilyn Monroe

(Catholic school girls rule)

From the cross she's raised her head
This is what the sister said
Give no love until you're wed
Live no life until you're dead
The good books says we must suppress
The good books says we must confess
But who cares what the good books says
'Cause now she's taking off her dress

(Catholic school girls rule)

Lead us into temptation
We are pure divine creation
Talkin' about my generation
Injected with the seed of emaculation, Catholic

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Frank Fencepost

Takes me back to the beginning of my skateboard days best band in the universe

Cult Mechanicus

Song about Anthony’s pedophilia

Dr. Smurpf

From what I understand he only did it twice and the first time he didn't know her age, but it certainly doesn't excuse him for doing it again afterwards. Even if this was a one time occurrence he still should have had some kind of legal punishment for it.


@Obotria No but Anthony confessed in his autobiography to having sex with a 14 year old when he was 27, fully aware that She was 14, and that's who this song is about. Plus, a grown man writing a song about sex with school girls is sick however you spin it


@CJL96 but it dont mention any age ¿?


Catholic School Girls, indeed rule. The most repressed usually are the most freakiest

Maria Carvalho

As a girl who studied in a catholic school, I can confirm 😉


Don't take lyrics or the Protestant stereotypes so seriously :')

Nicolas Reyes Cortes

such a good song


“Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers also bragged about committing statutory rape with no repercussions. In his 2005 autobiography, Scar Tissue, Kiedis recounts his sexual relationship with a 14-year-old Catholic school girl. Kiedis was 23 years old at the time; and after learning of her age, he proceeded to have sex with her again. He writes:

“The next day we drove to Baton Rouge, and of course, she came with us. After we got offstage, she came up to me and said, ‘I have something to tell you. My father’s the chief of police and the entire state of Louisiana is looking for me because I’ve gone missing. Oh, and besides that, I’m only fourteen.’ I wasn’t incredibly scared, because in my somewhat deluded mind, I knew that if she told the chief of police she was in love with me, he wasn’t going to have me taken out to a field and shot, but I did want to get her the hell back home right away. So we had sex one more time.”

Their relationship inspired Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1985 song “Catholic School Girls Rule”

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