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I Found Out
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Told you before, stay away from my door
Don't give me that brother, brother, brother, brother
The freaks on the phone, won't leave me alone
So don't give me that brother, brother, brother, brother

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Now that I showed you what I been through
Don't take nobody's word what you can do

There ain't no Jesus gonna come from the sky
Now that I found out I know I can cry

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Some of you sitting there with your cock in your hand
Don't get you nowhere don't make you a man
I heard something 'bout my Ma and my Pa
They didn't want me so they made me a star

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Old Hare Krishna got nothing on you
Just keep you crazy with nothing to do
Keep you occupied with pie in the sky
There ain't no guru who can see through your eyes

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

I've seen through junkies, I've been through it all
I seen religion from Jesus to Paul
Don't let them fool you with dope and cocaine
No one can harm you, feel your own pain

I, I found out!
I, I found this out!
I, I found out!

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Comments from YouTube:


Frusciante lovers realize it was Navarro on this track, right?


the best version of the chili's

Shani Ozeri

why is there a picture of John when it's actually Dave playing?


I've always loved Lennon's version for 40 years. This is the 1st time I've heard the Chili's. I think it's f'ing excellent. One of the best vocal performances I've ever heard from Kiedis. And the band's hot too. I noticed one small, not inappropraite alteration in lyrics: Kiedis turns "dope" in "Don't let them fool you with dope & cocaine" into "do-nope", as in "Dope, no thanks"!

Walamonga 1313

RHCP never does bad covers.

the pickled one

its like john lennon and hendrix love child

Danny Green

That's the Dave Navarro's guitar. I love him =)

Diego Eguía

Navarro is the one that is playing..

Jake Wheeler

beastly cover and OHM is an amazing album and Dave contributed a new style to the band something John can't do because Navarro is a more diverse guitarist. There both damn good guitarists though.


Also the wah pedal sounds very Navarro. John's is more subtle

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