Mammy Where's Daddy
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Mommy, where's daddy?
Mommy, where's daddy?

Right here, girl
Sweet thing, you look so sad
Cheer up, don't you know your dad is bad
Give daddy a kiss, girl
Oh, dad

There ain't no problem I can't face, 'cos
Your daddy's got a bigger bag of tricks
Give daddy a kiss, girl
Oh, dad

Mommy, where's daddy?
Mommy, where's daddy?

Come on, sit on your daddy's lap 'cos
I'm the one who pats your back
Give daddy a kiss, girl
Oh, dad

Lemme see now where to begin
Lemme start by tuckin' you in
Give daddy a kiss, girl
Oh, dad

Mommy, where's daddy?

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Mike D

Daddy from: people under the stairs

- - and - -

* * Not sure why, but immediately I thought of "Daddy" from the people under the stairs

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Air Guitar

When I first heard this song when I was like 13, I thought it was the creepiest thing ever. I thought it was fucking weird.. Now, no words can describe the groove in this song. Sure, the singing is a little creepy but it's also pretty funky. Usually the vocals is what adds to the groove, as well as of course bass, guitar, drums.

Ice Garmendia

The voice from Anthony on the first 3 albums was more natural, less tuned up, but it had a lot of personality and made those albums so special.

sethamphetamine xd

yea i think they were just crazy on drugs when they made this song


To me, these songs on that album have some kind of "desert" vibe. It reminds me of hot summers and funky nights of my youth. This and "Why dont you love" me are my favourites.


seeing these guys live before the 90s is definitely a bucket list item on my time travel itinerary


Saw Peps in '86 in tiny bar in So Ca, wasn't even pack, sitting waiting for them to start, I heard some commotion coming from back of the bar, When I turned my head I saw 4 skinny dudes with no shirts on slowing walking in unison together in step "butts-to-nuts" - at first I was like, who the hell are these guys??? Then I realized it was the damn Peppers - they continued to walk through the crowd up to the tiny stage, strapped on their instruments and blazed into Black Flags Nervous Breakdown
Seen million bands going back to 1975 but this was one of the coolest intros I even seen
Amazing show
Peppers up to Hillel's death, this is truly the only real Chilli Peps - their energy was off the chart

Nas Oinotna

probably my favourite album from the reds, these guys used to funk good !


@Inka D. Ibañez One Hot Minute was good, but Dave killed their wtule5

Inka D. Ibañez

@Fli no one screwed anything the band keeps being the best of all time


@David Richardson No, Navarro screwed everything

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